EU Health Workforce

The Green Paper aims to describe as precisely as possible the challenges
faced by the EU health workforce which are common to all Member States: the
demography issue, the diversity of the health workforce, the weak attractiveness
of the wide variety of healthcare and public health related jobs to new
generations, the migration of health professionals in and out of the EU, the
unequal mobility within the EU – and in particular the movement of some health
professionals from poorer to richer countries within the EU, as well as the
health brain drain from Third countries.On that basis, all stakeholders were called to contribute to this open debate
and give their opinion. The French mandatory health insurance scheme values the
discussion launched by the European Commission on the healthcare workforce. It
hopes to contribute by providing its experience and its practice as the direct
contact of patients and health professionals and as the manager of health
insurance funds whose major objective is to guarantee equal access to

8 April 2009

Position supported by : CNAMTS, CCMSA, RSI, CANSSM.
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