REIF at a glance

A branch of the ADECRI in Brussels

The basic French social security schemes, grouped together within their common structure for international development, the ADECRI, opened a permanent representative Office in Brussels in May 2003. This representative office is known as the « Représentation des Institutions Françaises de Sécurité Sociale auprès de l’Union Européenne (REIF) » (Representation of French Social Security Institutions to the European Union).

A major step!

The French social security institutions took a very important step in deciding to set up the REIF. In effect, this representative office is a concrete expression of the fact that developments in social policy at Community level are being taken into account. It asserts the will to defend, beyond national borders, the values and principles that have made the development of the French social protection system possible. Finally, it demonstrates a desire to strengthen partnerships and synergies with actors in social protection in Brussels.

Numerous skills brought together

The REIF therefore brings together in Brussels all the fields of the French general scheme (health insurance, retirement, the family and collection) as well as occupational schemes in charge of compulsory social insurance (the agricultural scheme, the social security system for self-employed people and the mining industry scheme).

A strategic grouping

The REIF is located at 50, rue d’Arlon in the Maison Européenne de la Protection Sociale, which also houses several institutions working in the field of social protection. They include the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP), to which numerous national funds of the Member States of the European Union belong; the Association Internationale de la Mutualité (AIM) (International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies); the European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP); the Representation of the German social insurance schemes (pensions, health, unemployment insurance) and the Fédération Nationale de la Mutualité Française (French National Mutual Society Federation).

A permanent point of contact

Arnaud Emériau, Permanent delegate, Fanny Tissier and Audrey Tourniaire, Policy Officers, are the member of the Brussels’ team.